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ACBS SoCal Chapter Board

Serving on the ACBS SoCal Chapter Board is a rewarding role. All Board Members shoulder key responsibilities integral to the success of the organization. Acting as steadfast advocates, they actively support the strategic plan and its implementation, ensuring alignment with ACBS's overarching goals. 

Thank you to our Founding Member, Dr. Aprilia West, PsyD, for playing an integral role in founding and supporting the ACBS SoCal Chapter! 

About Us.

The ACBS SoCal Chapter Board and its Board Members are guided by a set of principles that collectively define commitment to the mission and vision of ACBS. Emphasizing a focus on the organization's purpose, Board Members prioritize fostering an environment of growth and enjoyment, encouraging both personal and organizational development. Board Members also embrace accountability, holding themselves and others to performance expectations. Recognizing the importance of effective teamwork, they work collaboratively to clarify roles and responsibilities, assisting in onboarding new members through meetings and mentorship. These guiding principles collectively shape the board's conduct, ensuring a cohesive and purpose-driven approach to governance.

Board Member Roles


1-year term

Responsible for the general supervision, direction, and control of ACBS's business, the President presides over board meetings,  prepares meeting agendas, and oversees the workflow as the meeting chair. The President assumes responsibility for all matters related to the welfare, stature, and proper operation of the Association, performing duties inherent to the office or as directed by the Board. 


1-year term

The President-Elect actively supports the President and the Board, undertaking requested duties to ensure their effective functioning. During their term, the President-Elect acts as a liaison to various ACBS committees, collaborates closely with the President on Executive matters, and facilitates planning and support for the Board and President.

Past President

1-year term

The Past President is a member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. In the President's absence, the Past President will preside and shall be responsible for managing the workflow and organization. The Past President shall advise the President and board about their implementation of ongoing strategic aims and completes the annual performance review of the Executive Director at the end of the Executive Director’s performance year.


3-year term

The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for maintaining organized records and is sufficiently familiar with legal documents (articles, by-laws, policies, etc.) to note applicability during meetings. The Secretary-Treasurer is also responsible for managing the finances and administrating the fiscal matters of the organization, providing annual budget reports to the Board for approval, and ensuring the development and board review of financial policies and procedures.

Student Representative

1-year term

The student representative functions as the primary intermediary and liaison between the global ACBS student membership and the board. The student representative’s role is to seek out, understand, and attend to student members’ needs and concerns. Further, the student representative should facilitate interactions between students and professional members, as well as assist with the retention of students in the ACBS community.

Member-at-Large / Member-at-Large with DEI Focus

2-year term

In addition to the general responsibilities described above for all board members, the Member-at-Large is assigned to serve in the role of “board liaison” to several ACBS committees, and with a DEI focus, the Member-at-Large is responsible for overseeing and implementing diversity initiatives and upholding the chapter's mission and values regarding diversity, equity, and inclusivity. 

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